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Career Development

In carrying out the vision and mission, CDC UGM FISIPOL run a number of programs as follows:

  • Career Information Service and Scholarship

This program aims to provide information for students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the Faculty of jobs, scholarship opportunities, and other information related to career development.

  • Career preparation

This program aims to develop the potential of the Faculty graduates to be better prepared to enter the workforce and work. Seminars, talk shows, and career development training is given regularly by alumni, practitioners, and professionals so that graduates can get an idea of ​​the preparation work to be done. In this activity, the role of alumni of the Faculty are encouraged to share their experience of the world of work.

  • Development and Cooperation

Development and cooperation programs carried out to establish cooperation with other parties in terms of employment, either employment opportunity information, apprenticeship, or other information. The program is conducted in order to ensure the realization of a sustainable external networks.

  • Tracer Study

Tracer program was conducted to obtain information about the alumni of the Faculty in order to obtain a clearer picture of the graduates who have worked and worked. The program is expected to be input to the faculty in terms of curriculum development, improvement of the system, and mapping potential alumni.