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UGM-Kopassus Establishes Cooperation
UGM with Kopassus synergies in the areas of education , research and community service . This form of cooperation is realized through the signing of the MoU between the Rector, Prof. . Dr. . Pratikno , M.Soc.Sc with Deputy Commander General ( Wadanjen ) Forces , Brigadier General . TNI . M. Herindra , M.A in R. GMU Leadership Session , Wednesday ( 15/1 ) . One of the programs of cooperation that will soon be done that Homeland Corridor Expedition Maluku and North Maluku , 6 February to 26 June 2014.

Wadanjen Forces , Brigadier General . M. Herindra UGM said that graduates today have a lot to fill important positions in government and strategic . Seeing the opportunity Forces holding the UGM as the largest university in Indonesia, especially in the Homeland Expedition 2014.

" UGM large campus . Students and lecturers potential . While graduates occupy important strategic positions in government or international level so we are keen to work together , "said Herindra .

Previously , according to the Homeland Herindra expedition has been done three times , namely in Bukit Barisan Corridor , Kalimantan and Sulawesi . On previous expeditions student engagement is not maximized so that it will be improved . Herindra hope that the results of Homeland Corridor Expedition Maluku and North Maluku will produce research and scholarly books .

" Hopefully this expedition more useful and to produce the latest research and scientific books from the students , " he said .

Rector, Prof. . Dr. . Pratikno , M.Soc.Sc welcomes such cooperation . He considered many benefits as well as the important contribution of this cooperation , especially related to natural resource exploration and strengthening of domestic love . " This is in line with the status of UGM as a national university and the university struggle , " said Pratikno .

On that occasion Pratikno also assess the Homeland 2014 Expedition program is in line with the status of UGM as a university or a university of national struggle . Moreover, GMU students also come from various regions in Indonesia . Rector hopes of Homeland Expedition 2014 will be generated recent research and books ( journals ) are important and useful scientific .

Meanwhile, Head of Operations Section ( Kabagops ) Letkol.Inf . Kosasih in the presence of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Community Services , Prof. . Dr. . Suratman , M.Sc and the students participating in the expedition explained that this 2014 Expedition Homeland occupies 8 points on the island of Maluku and North Maluku , which Subkorwil - 1 Masohi in Central Kab.Maluku , Subkorwil - 2 Tual in Southeast Kab.Maluku , Subkorwil - 3 Namlea in Kep.Buru , Subkorwil - 4 Saumlaki in Southeast Kab.Maluku West , Subkorwil - 5 Ternate in the district . Ternate and Central Kab.Halmahera , Subkorwil - 6 in Tidore and Halmahera Regency , Subkorwil - 7 Tobelo in Kab.Morotai and North Kab.Halmahera , Subkorwil - 8 Labuha in South Kab.Halmahera .

"The participants about 1,300 people made ​​up of various components such as students , regiment , nature lovers , Scouts , etc. , " said Kosasih ( PR GMU / Satria )