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Reading Comprehension Elementary students Indonesia Still Weak

Competency in reading, writing , and arithmetic child at every level of education is a child 's academic success factor . Unfortunately the ability of reading , math , science students Indonesia lags behind other countries . According to data from the Programme for International Student Assessement ( PSIA ) 2009 phenomenon is one of them due to a weak form of problem-solving abilities that story requires a contextual problem-solving process .

Data Progress in International Reading Literacy Study ( PIRLS ), which examines students ' fourth grade students' reading achievement showed that Indonesia is very low . Indonesian students' reading ability on the order of 45 of the 49 countries studied . Indonesia's score ( 405 ) is above Katar ( 353 ) , Morocco ( 323 ) , and South Africa ( 302 ) .

" There permaslahan on understanding membasa elementary students in Indonesia . The students who have reading comprehension problems will also be problematic in mathematics achievement , including the completion of math word problems , " said Aguswan Khotibul Umam , S.Ag. , MA , Wednesday ( 15/1 ) when the open examination of the doctoral program at the Faculty of Psychology UGM . He defended his dissertation entitled " Mastery Vocabulary and Reading Motivation as Mediator and Environmental Effects of Teaching Reading Comprehension Against Family Literacy Mathematics Social Stories At Elementary School Students " .

The teaching staff of the College of Islamic Studies ( STAIN ) Siwo Jurai Metro , Lampung said the low reading teacher competence implies a lack of quality of teaching reading . Besides the family literacy environment , the lack of students' vocabulary mastery , and low student motivation to read .

Results of research conducted on 350 elementary students Aguswan show that understanding math word problems can be explained jointly by the teaching of reading , family literacy environment , vocabulary and reading motivation . While pengusaaan vocabulary has the strongest influence 23.4 percent in helping students understand math word problems correctly . While the role of teaching reading by 13 , 3 per cent followed by the family literacy environment as much as 0.47 percent .

Mentioned Aguswan vocabulary act as mediators influence the teaching of reading and family literacy environment to the understanding of math word problems . While the motivation to read is not acting as a mediator mediators influence the teaching of reading and family literacy environments of the understanding of the story .

" Factors of teaching reading , family literacy environment , and vocabulary can be used a reference for the optimization of an improved understanding of math word problems in elementary school students , " he explained . ( PR GMU / Ika )