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Enjoying the Benefits of Green Open Space UGM

More than five years UGM affirms its commitment to build and develop a green open space ( RTH ) . The benefit has been widely felt . Campus and surrounding environment increasingly shady , cool and comfortable . Also in some locations such as the arboretum west of the Faculty of Forestry has become a habitat for nesting birds and adapt .

Observer forestry town of Faculty of Forestry , Mukhlison , S.Hut assess perindang than beneficial to the campus atmosphere and add to the coolness , the presence of green space also serves as an antidote to the occurrence of disasters , such as tornadoes .

" We still remember the 2008 UGM was hit by severe tornadoes . The area that has such extensive arboretum in the Faculty of Forestry of damage can be minimized compared to a more open area , "said Mukhlison , Friday ( 3/1 ) .

Mukhlison hopes eventually UGM can continue to develop this green space . He pointed out that the idea of ​​a roof garden or roof garden . This concept can increase the area of ​​green space on campus . To support the design and structure of buildings / building UGM can be designed according to the concept. " On top of that is made like hydroponics construction had to be designed, " he said .

Along with UGM policy that prohibits students carrying motor vehicles entering the campus pathways leading from the bag into the campus parking lot should be greened and made ​​more shady . That way when walking or cycling would be more comfortable .

Meanwhile, for the locations that have previously been used as green space , Mukhlison hope can be maintained . As some roads or areas that had previously been given the name of a particular plant species and the environment in their respective clusters .

"If yes agro complex as the Faculty of Agriculture crop . If at the Faculty of Forestry can be planted around another tree or woody plant , for example , "added Mukhlison .

Seeing these conditions Mukhlison assess UGM has contributed substantially in the development of green space . He admitted to the city of Yogyakarta , Sleman and Bantul southern part of the northern area is not maximized in the development of green space as mandated by Law. 26/2007 on Spatial Planning . Nonetheless Mukhlison appreciated Provincial Government step DIY with regencies / cities in green space development innovation , such as through the urban jungle or forest villages ( villages wana ) .

" The last three years seems to have been active in the area add to the green space area , " he said .

Previously Head of Rural , Bappeda Sleman , Arif Setyolaksito , ST , M.Dev assessing RTH provided by GMU has exceeded the statutory provisions . UGM not only actively producing knowledge but also contribute to society and the environment . ( PR GMU / Satria AN )