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Hanta Yuda, Politics Wrestle Like a Hobby

Young age . But the experience of alumni of the Department of Administration ( now the Department of Politics and Government ) FISIPOL UGM can not be doubted . Its action in the political field research has led him to share his thoughts to the wider community .

Hanta Yuda has been interested in politics since I was in school , one with an active organization . " Politics is the art of managing people . Politics also actually talk about the good, although this time much distorted , "said Hanta Yuda when asked why cultivate political interest .

That's why , after high school , Hanta Yuda chose to study at the Department of Administration Faculty. At that time , he also had undergone studying civil engineering over the wishes of his parents . But in the end Hanta Yuda again proves his love politics so decided not to continue his studies in civil engineering majors .

Steeped in the appropriate fields of interest does not mean zero challenge . In various political analysis , Hanta Yuda must be poised so as not favoring a particular party . The main motivation is that he held his analysis should provide information to educate the public .

In the middle of the crowded bustle , Hanta Yuda also have to keep dividing his time to read and write . For him , studying political science means having lots of books to read and follow the development of society . " If you talk continues but less read , talk later when I was not so deep . As well as to write and research , " explained the man who once aspired to be a soldier .

In addition to conducting research , writing , and a speaker in various seminars or discussion , is currently busy with Hanta Yuda served as Executive Director of Pol - Tracking Institute , a research center of democracy and leadership . Behind all activities , Hanta Yuda still keep the ideals , the S3 level to continue studying and writing a book about the anatomy of a political party in Indonesia .

" Make it work as a hobby . So we will not be depressed because of work by leading hobby . Everything is going to be interesting and dynamic , "said Hanta Yuda .