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Erwan Widyarto,Still Continues to Wrestle and Journalism

Starting from a paper posted on the magazine Kuncung when sitting in 5 th grade , Erwan Widyarto continues to hone his writing skills . Who would have thought , alumni of International Affairs UGM 1986 became one of the important stakeholders in the development of Java Post Group when reaching the region of Central Java and Yogyakarta .

Even the media giant from Surabaya is what immediately asked to join because Erwan diligent student writes for a column . " So I did not apply , I proposed by Java Post , " recalls Erwan . Since then , Erwan devote themselves in the Java Post as media continues to grow .

Erwan also recounts experiences and challenges during often go to the field to hunt for news . " Never being chased intel . It turns out that just want to ask the protesters distributed leaflets , " he said about the experience of coverage ahead of the reform era . Not infrequently , Erwan also experienced intimidation from certain parties not to write news ' adventurous ' . But it managed to overcome .

According to Erwan , successful provision of a journalist in the field one of which is set out in search of news abstinence with an empty brain . More importantly is able to understand the speaker thought the map so that journalists understand what to diulik of speakers . " I was also taught by Dahlan Iskan , that we still have to be diligent reading . So I always read a book every week , " he said .

Background Erwan pursued higher education is not directly related to what they do today. But by becoming a journalist , Erwan has been able to realize the dream that many aspire graduate of international relations , that is to go abroad . During the course of his profession , Erwan has explored many countries , including Malaysia , New Zealand , to the United States .

Other interesting things , journalism brings Erwan for close to a lot of people . He believes that journalism is able to bring benefit to others through writing . Persistence Erwan deliver up to become a commissioner in the daily Radar Jogja , one of the media under the Java Post Group .

Although currently Erwan has retired from Java Post , his spirit still has not stopped to continue working in the field. Currently Erwan believed served as commissioner in Mendut Borobudur Television ( MBTV ) . Yes , the journalist who likes to read and draw it , life is flowing alone , but must flow profusely .