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FISIPOL UGM Anniversary 58th

In 2013 , the Faculty entered the age of 58 . The series begins with the anniversary celebration of the launch on Thursday ( 19/9 ) and at UGM Hall . Raised the anniversary theme this time is the " Celebrating Diversity Indonesia Towards Prosperity " .

Dr. . Hempri Suyatna , as chairman of the committee , explained that poverty is still a problem in Indonesia . The poverty rate in Indonesia itself is still around 13% . Similarly, the Indonesian Human Development Index in 2011 which still ranks 124 .

Diversity in the Faculty of science perspective as well as the diversity of backgrounds and cultures can be expected to contribute towards the welfare of Indonesia . This is the background theme UGM Anniversary this time .

The event also celebrated the launch of the anniversary cone snacks and workshop alumni. One thing that distinguishes this event from the previous year is a traditional art performances are held in the central courtyard Faculty.

The series itself is still the anniversary event will last until November 2013 . Starting in October 2013 , a series of events has been started with a race involving all community sports Faculty. Sports activities include tennis, futsal , badminton , volleyball , and a leisurely bike along the bike community UGM , Fisipit .

In addition , the committee will also conduct training for employees of the Faculty of IT , and anjangsana pilgrimage , as well as social events . Student Council ( Dema ) also helped organize the Faculty STIR Olympics .

While in the month of November 2013 , the anniversary series will be followed by seminars , exhibitions Kampung STIR scientific products , as well as alumni gathering . While alumni gathering will focus on alumni from Yogyakarta and Central Java .

UGM Anniversary 58th is not celebrated on a large scale . However Hempri hope the entire community can participate UGM . " So UGM Anniversary this time belongs to the committee not to be alone , but also the entire community , " said Hempri .