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[LOWONGAN] Key Account Manager dan Associate Human Resources Manager di P&G Indonesia
Kamis, 31 Agustus 2017 | 14:03

Associate Human Resources Manager

Job description:

A Human Resources practitioner is responsible for building people and leadership capability, developing an adaptive and competitive organization and creating a productive environment to deliver increased business results and competitive advantage for the Company.


To fulfil this responsibility, the HR Manager plays four roles: Business Partner, Change Agent, Employee Champion, and Administrative Expert.


As business partner, the HR practitioner works with business leaders to create business strategies, deploy them to the organization, and create the environment and systems needed to support their delivery. As change agent, the HR practitioner works with business units driving change and managing transformation as part of creating a culture needed to deliver our business strategies and ultimately competitive advantage. As administrative expert, the HR practitioner delivers fundamental work processes of HR to ensure people across the Company are not distracted, and operations are not disrupted by important issues related to plans, policies, or complex work associated with corporate programs. And finally, as champion of employees, the HR practitioner works to support, develop, enable, and empower people in P&G to create the environment for productivity and satisfaction.


A new practitioner in HR typically gets assignments in recruiting, enrollment planning, training, relocation, employee communication, and plans and benefits to develop his/her expertise in the different HR processes. As he/she gets more experience the scope and complexity of assignments gets bigger. In any assignment, however, the four HR roles described above, are expected to be played.



To qualify, you must possess the following qualities:

·             Have 2-3 years relevant experience.

·             Excellent academic background.

·             Ability to work and communicate well with others

·             Genuine interest in business. In order for the new HR practitioner to be a successful Business Partner, he/she should have a basic understanding of and interest in the business of the Company. This means understanding the strategies, objectives, measures, competitors, and customers.

·             Basic understanding of organization theories and models - The HR practitioner needs this to be able to assess the organization and recommend changes to improve organization systems and culture. This will also help him/her later on to be able to drive and manage transformations that are needed to make the organization adaptive and competitive.


Key Account Manager

Job description:

Procter & Gamble is seeking highly motivated individual for Sales Key Account Manager position!


P&G Sales is not only about sell, we strategically build customer collaborative partnership and contribute to joint business plans. It’s our job to make sure everyone gain the best result from P&G – our customer. In Sales, you will work in a diverse environment, across multiple product lines, business units to create and lead the delivery of P&G’s in-market strategies. You will use conceptual selling techniques and data based presentation to influence customer’s decision in critical business areas, including develop distribution, pricing, and merchandising strategies from various customers from retailers to wholesalers.


We have several locations to start your career with us. As sales, you will be expected to be mobile and have the flexibility to get assign on every location throughout your career with P&G.



·             Two years work experience in Sales or related field.

·             A university graduate with excellent academic background.

·             Strong leadership ability as demonstrated through previous formal or informal positions of leading or managing teams.

·             Demonstrated ability of critical thinking and problem solving

·             Strong verbal and written communication skills, fluency in English.


For further information and application form:

Associate Human Resources Manager


Key Account Manager

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