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Rector's Welcome

Unit of Career Development and Alumni Relations FISIPOL GMU faculty is a supporting unit of the main tasks associated with the development of elements of the student, the academic community, as well as alumni. Its presence is designed to facilitate the synergy these elements. The unit is known as the Career Development Center (CDC) is responsible FISIPOL GMU:

  1. Serving the students to prepare themselves early on to acquire information employment opportunities, skill improvement and adaptation to the workplace, as well as the opportunity to continue their studies
  2. Serving the faculty and staff to obtain information and prepare for further study, as well as develop opportunities for cooperation for the improvement of technical capabilities of faculty and staff.GMU:
Vision and Mission




  • Facilitating career development for faculty and staff.
  • Facilitating career preparation for students.
  • Support cooperation and activities with the Faculty Alumni (KAFISPOLGAMA)